Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Bad Day At Work

I get to work at about 7:20 in the AM and start my normal duties of opening the office. One of the supervisors is out on vacation so it is quite a busy morning. Nothing really strenuous, but very busy.

Due to a couple of meetings I work straight through my lunch.

By five o’clock I am more than ready to go home. At this time, one of my part time reps starts asking me about her PTO. She believes that she should have more time off than her file is showing because, she says, she made up some of the hours.

Part time reps often have the availability to make up hours they have taken off in any given week. For example, they could take off a scheduled Monday and work the same hours on that Friday, when they are normally scheduled off.

Though exhausted, I go through her file and do find a couple of things that are out of place. I find my boss and start chatting with her about it.

The thing is, Human Resources made major changes to our attendance policy at the New Year, and now none of us really know how it works.

After fifteen minutes or so we are still very much hashing it out. Another supervisor, Millie, walks into the boss’s office and turns in some paperwork.

Now, for whatever reason this happens to me a lot. I’ll be sitting in the boss’s office discussing some issue, and someone else will walk in, completely ignore the fact that I’m sitting there and start talking to the boss. Normally it is a quick question and I’m not bothered, but sometimes it is a longer conversation and I’m forced to sit there and wait so that I can finish my discussion.

I’ve talked to my boss about this before and she has always apologized and said she’ll try to make others wait. But she’s kind of like me, with no attention span, and gets distracted by others easily.

So there I am again in the middle of a discussion with my boss and Millie does it to me again. She turns in a review, that was due last week by the way, and my boss starts looking at it.

There is a little discussion about it because Millie has written her review in the third person instead of the first. This is no big deal because it’s kind of funny and is only taking a moment.

But then Millie whips out some other forms and sits down to discuss them with my boss. She has completely pushed me aside. At this point I start to get mad. I wait, and wait for several minutes waiting for the boss to get back to me.

After about 5 minutes I get up and walk away. I go talk to some folks and clear my desk off. After about 10 minutes I walk back into the office and stand staring at Millie, willing her to shut up and leave.

I want to scream. I want to punch her in the face. I stand there another minute and walk away.

Finally about 5:30 I get to sit down with my boss again and hash everything out.

It’s not really that I’m still mad at Millie or that what she did was particularly heinous. She just became that final straw. What is it about me that everyone seems to think they can push me aside?

To me that is incredibly rude. If I have something super quick I’ll jump in front of someone and ask the boss. Otherwise I either wait, or leave and come back later. I really don’t know how to do otherwise. I truly didn’t know what to do with Millie.

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