Friday, March 03, 2006

The Continuing Sage of the Runaway DVD Burner

Read the history of my DVD burner here.

I received my burner back from the shop today. I was kind of hoping they would either give me a brand new burner or store credit. After talking it over with a coworker I decided that I would do better with a Plextor DVD burner than the Iomega I got for Christmas.

The store I bought it from does not have any external Plextor drives for sale. So I thought if I got store credit I could buy something else or even if I got a new Iomega burner I could Ebay it and get my money back.

Nope, I got my old one back; with a note from the shop saying they found nothing wrong with it. They also noted that the software that came with the burner was useless, but I should have no problem with the Nero software.

I sighed recalling the fact that I had already tried Nero.

Deciding to give it one more shot, I plugged everything back in. Opening the burner drawer, I noticed a copy of Bulletproof Monk inside.

Well, I thought, there is something for my trouble and the cost of shipping it to the shop.

But then I thought some more. If they had a DVD inside the burner, then they must have used it to rip the DVD as well. On all my previous tries, I ripped the DVD using the internal DVD player on the laptop.

I inserted Bulletproof Monk back into the burner and tried to rip it. Nope, that didn’t work. I immediately got an error. Persistency was my friend, and I tried another DVD. The Polar Express worked just fine.

I ripped it clean, and held my breath as it went to the burning stage.

5% 10% 15%

I couldn’t watch. I knew at any moment it would kick the disk out and give me an error.


I was farther than I had ever gotten before.

I nervously kicked back with a rerun of the Simpsons.

100% Successfully completed!

Rock the Kasbah my good man we have victory!

Thank you and goodnight.

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