Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Random Shuffle

Rolling Stones - Everybody Needs Somebody to Love
The Rolling Stones, Now!

I recently got my hands on a number of earlier classic Stones albums. In fact, I’ve only recently gotten into the Stones again. I’m continually amazed at their vast amount of really great music. It’s easy to listen to their “hits” collection played over and over on classic rock radio and overlook what amounts to one of the greatest mass of tunes in rock-n-roll.

This song is from their 1965 album of covers, which makes it their third album released in the US. You can still here the early 1950’s rock-n-roll influence and even some doo-wop slipping in. It’s a catchy little number, but something of a novelty throw-away in the pantheon of Rolling Stones music.

Bob DylanI Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)

Apparently a live version of the song originally on the Another Side of Bob Dylan album, though I wouldn’t have guessed it had I not read the fact while researching the song. Not a favorite song of mine, but as with many Dylan songs, even when their not great, their pretty stinking good.

Ryan Adams - Elizabeth You Were Born To Play That Part

This comes from a five disk compilation of live shows from 2005 called Bedhead which I assume comes from Ryan Adams generally disheveled coif. This is a quiet, beautiful piano ballad from the third of Ryan’s releases in 2005, 29. Like many of Ryan’s ballads this song is so quiet it’s hard to actually hear what’s going on. But if you can manage to remove all distractions and really get into it, there is a song of heartbreaking proportions.

Grateful Dead Drums
Dicks Picks 5 (12-26-79)

The Dead always dug their drummers. So much that they hired two of them. By 1979 Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann had created a monolithic beast of every sort of drum and percussionary instrument. At 4 minutes 22 seconds this is a relatively short (and tame) version of “Drums” but still manages to create an interesting snake chasing menagerie of rhythm.

WilcoJesus, Etc

By now Yankee Hotel Foxtrot has been praised, lauded, magnified more than any album deserves to be, and yet it remains a masterpiece – a freaking glorious album. This is a pretty spot on live version with some nice keyboard action.

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