Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Brewster's Millions Is Back To Blogger

Ok, here's the deal: Way back when I started this blog, right here on Blogger. It was almost a fluke as it was all about France, but then it turned into crazy pop culture stuff and I was hooked. I was a real blogger.

Then I messed with the template and everything failed. I couldn't see or read anything here. So I switched to a Wordpress blog. I liked it there. Things weren't perfect, but I dug the scene.

Well, mostly.

Then I figured out what was wrong with Blogger and fixed it. But by then I was well established on Wordpress and stayed. Well, recently I moved to China and China has this gigantic, nation wide firewall. The government blocks out all the websites they find to be unacceptable. Apparently both Blogger and Wordpress fall into that category. I guess there are too many wild folks with itchy typing fingers and a blog that lets them spill.

The strange thing is that I can still use Blogger for the actual blogging process. I can type and edit the blog, I just can't actually see the finished product. Weird I know. Wordpress, however, is kaput. I can't do crap on it.

Thus here I am again, back to blogging on Blogger. I'd call it a circle of life thing, but I'm still kind of pissed all my old posts are stuck on Wordpress, and I can't tell the world to come back here.

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Beth said...

Our Chief IT Officer must work part-time in China because the content blocked by our corporate firewall frustrates an online chick like moi.

How are you enjoying the new life?