Monday, September 10, 2007

Dream: The Bible Says 'Tennessee Sucks'

I had a very brief dream last night. I was sitting somewhere reading the Bible, Psalms specifically. I turned to the 95th Psalm and noticed something weird in the 94th one.

Above that particular Psalm the title read "Tennessee Sucks." I thought this particularly interesting because Psalms was written well before Tennessee existed as a state, and it certainly has never quoted Ryan Adams lyrics (Tennessee Sucks is the title of one of his songs.)

I began to read the Psalm and found that it was full of strange, vulgar rants against Ryan Adams and various other musicians and celebrities. It was very poorly written, full of random bold type and every other word was an obscenity.

Not something you typically find in the Bible.

The rest of the Psalms were ok, it was only this one that went off the track. I started to think it must have been created by some disturbed clerk a the printer.

The rest of the dream consisted of me e-mailing all my friends to tell them about this oddity.

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Beth said...

I wish He would let us know which bands He prefers.