Monday, September 03, 2007

Dream: A Double Shots of Toilet Humor

I had two dreams Saturday night, both having to do with using the toilet (I know, I know my only two posts in ages and they are both scategorical, that's what Chinese food will do to you.)

In the first dream me and Amy were at a fast food type place, I believe it was Braums, but I wouldn't swear to it. At any rate I have to use the bathroom and head to the mens. There was one urinal and one stall and everything was in bad shape.

I can't remember the specifics but there was something wrong with the stall - what I do remember is that there was a large window in it and I was worried that people might walk by and see me (true story when we went to do some official Chinese Visa business one of their stalls really did have a big window with no shades - gross!)

Sure enough as I'm about to do my business, in comes the Jones family - Ted (the patriarch) Jeff (the eldest son) Tad (the youngest son) and Ted's wife (whose name I have forgotten. The Joneses go to my parent's church and I grew up with Tad.

This freaks me out and I try to duck in order to let them see me. A moment later in barges my wife - into the mens, into my stall! I yell at her to get the crap out and pull up and zip up as I can no longer take care of my need.

The Jones' are now in the restaurant, all seated at two seat tables, except that each of them is a their own table. They are all in a row and all of them have an empty chair next to them. I take this to mean I am to talk to them and proceed to sit at each empty chair and chat with each member of the family.


In my next dream me and Amy had been some where (I can't recall where or what we did, if this information was ever in the dream) but were headed home. We expected to meet the Canfields on our way home (the Canfields are my wife's husband's sister's family, and are also here in Shanghai.)

Turns out our "home" was in the educational building of the church where my parents attend (I also attended there as a kid.) Before we arrive me and the wife are chatting about the new girl that the Canfield's have adopted (in reality they did just adopt a little Chinese girl.) We ponder whether or not she will have the same receding hairline as the other Canfields.

As we approach home we do meet the Canfields and sure enough little Emma has a receding hairline (she is also a Caucasian girl instead of Chinese.) I the look to Caleb, the Canfields boy who is maybe 13 - I'm guessing there as I'm terrible with kids ages - and he has a big receding hairline. Then I look to the father Canfield - Buster - and he has the same hair. Truth is none of the Canfields have a big receding hairline, but here they do.

Caleb and I discuss our recent hair cuts and he seems to not like his, though I am satisfied with mine.

We enter our new home and now the interior of the building matches the interior of the main church building in reality. The Canfield's go to their room and we to ours. My room turns out to be in the same location where my mother used to teach kindergarten.

Once inside Amy begins passionately kissing me. At the very same time my belly tells me I need a restroom...immediately! So there I am enjoying the passion but still feeling the need in my belly.

I try to tell my belly to buzz off, but eventually I have to run away. I then wake up to find that need in my belly to be real and I rush off.


What this means other than my body incorporated its need to use the restroom into two dreams I don't know. It is interesting that Amy appeared in both of them and that two sets of friends did as well. There is also the recurring theme of either people or the building of my old church in there as well.

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