Monday, September 10, 2007

Dream: Friends With John Cusack

I had this dream about a week ago, but it is still in my memory banks so I'll share.

It started out like I was in a movie with John Cusack. Or, rather, I was on the set with him, while he was working, but I myself was not in the film. He was in a diner, that was very long. At the back of the diner, farthest away from us were some men who looked like they were shooting at John.

They made all the motions of shooting big guns and things, and John moved like he was dodging bullets, but the thing was there were no explosions on our end. It was as if they were shooting the action scene and would later add the explosions.

Anyways during this I was talking to Cusack, or actually kind of chastising him for making so many crappy movies. In reality I really like John Cusack 0 I think he is very talented and has made some really good films. Yet he is such a paycheck actor. In between interesting films he stars in rotten romantic comedies and horror/thrillers with good concepts and interesting moments spoiled by bad writing and plodding directing.

So there I am in the dream, yelling at him for doing such things. John finds this fascinating (I guess because a fan would be so harsh, or something) and wants to talk further. So we finish the scene and move to the next room, which is like a green room or something.

I begin telling him about the movies I liked and the ones I don't. He argues some points but agrees on others. We then become fast friends and start talking about all sorts of things.

I mention that we wrote about him in a facebook group (which is real - I am in a facebook book based on the Top Five concept found in High Fidelity and whose first questions was "what is your top five John Cusack films?)

He finds this utterly fascinating and goes in and reads the question. Then he joins the group.

Then I wake up.


I believe this came right after I had watched Cusacks most recent film - 1408 - and me and my sister had a discussion about Cusack and his tendency to make rotten films.

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