Saturday, September 15, 2007

I've Finally Started Watching "Heroes"

But first a little on the whole blog situation. I know I promised that I'd be getting some real webspace soon, and I will, it is just taking a little longer than expected. The whole money thing here is a little wacky. Amy gets paid once a month, but it gets split down the middle and poured into two accounts.

There is the Chinese one which has locations here in Shanghai. This is in RMB which is Chinese money. For this we have an ATM card and we can use it at many local merchants.

The other half goes to Hong Kong and is in US dollars. We do not have an ATM card, there aren't any branches in Shanghai and so getting to that money is difficult. Basically if we want to use it, we have to transfer the cash into another account. To do this we have to send faxes. There is a way that we can do it online but that takes more faxes and time. At this point we're in that process, and so our money isn't available.

Amy's first pay check was also for half a month and as half of that went to Hong Kong, it is more like half of a half that we're living on. Thus money is slightly tight still.

We do have an account in Oklahoma with some cash in it, but we're trying to keep that to pay our still outstanding US bills.

However, we're in the middle of selling our car and when that goes through we should have some extra cash to throw around. It is at this point that I plan to get the real web space going. On a side note there, if anyone out there is anygood at making banners, let me know for I need one.

Wow! that was a long tangent that should have probably gone in a secondary post. Oh well.

All last season I kept hearing how wonderful Heroes was. As it came on before Studio 60 I also kept catching bits and pieces of it. But since I missed the first couple of episodes I really didn't want to start in the middle. Plus the bits I did see had me completely confused as to what was happening. Though I suddenly had the urge to start saving cheerleaders.

Just got the full season on DVD and watched the first two episodes last night. I hate to say it, but I'm not yet impressed. The Pilot got bogged down in having to spend all of its time trying to set up its many characters, their places, and some mythology. Unfortunately this didn't leave much time to make me actually care for any of the characters or give me that much interest in what those characters were going to do.

Don't get me wrong, it did keep me entertained, and there was enough there that made me immediately watch the second episode, its just that it didn't really hook me the way a show like Lost has.

There was also plenty of what I'll dub "pilot-itus" in that it has to give me enough exploitation to keep a big enough audience to keep going. Thus we get a cheerleader who seems to only wear cheerleader skirts, a mom who makes extra money stripping on the internet, and lots of bloody gorey goodness.

I understand that a TV show has to pretty quickly gain an audience, I understand that a show of this magnitude costs a lot and thus needs a bigger audience. I understand that sex and violence sell. I can't blame the producers for doing it, it just kind of gets tiring. And I like sex and violence. But it seems like nearly every big show now gives us a little (safe for TV) T&A mixed with some ultra violence.

The second show was better as they could calm down the introductions and give us a little more information on making me care. Plus they through in the bad guys and started making connections that added some needed "oooh" factor.

So, yes, I was a little disappointed, but am still very much looking forward to seeing more.

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