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Lost: Season 5, Episode 4: "The Little Prince"

"The Little Prince" is the fourth television episode of the fifth season of ABC's Lost.[1] The eighty-seventh episode of the show overall, "The Little Prince" aired on February 4, 2009 on ABC in the United States, being simulcast on A in Canada.[2] The episode was written by producer Brian K. Vaughan and newcomer Melinda Hsu Taylor and directed by Stephen Williams.[1]


The episode opens with a flashback of Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly) and Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox) on Penny Widmore's (Sonya Walger) boat, following their rescue in early January 2005. Kate convinces Jack that once returning home that they should claim that Aaron (William Blanchette) is Kate's biological son, while in fact his mother is Claire Littleton (Emilie de Ravin).

In late 2007, Kate leaves Aaron in the care of Sun-Hwa Kwon (Yunjin Kim) in order to confront attorney Dan Norton (Tom Irwin), who is pursuing a maternity test for Kate and Aaron. Norton tells Kate that he is going to meet his client later and Kate decides to follow him. Meanwhile, Ben Linus (Michael Emerson) meets up with Jack and Sayid Jarrah (Naveen Andrews) at the hospital. An orderly attacks Sayid, but Sayid overcomes him, and when he finds Kate's address in his wallet he, Ben and Jack, suspect Kate is the next target. The three decide to split up, with Jack going after Kate, and Sayid and Ben going to the prison where Hugo "Hurley" Reyes (Jorge Garcia) is being held, following his arrest in "The Lie". Jack and Kate follow Norton to a motel where he meets with Claire's mother, Carole (Susan Duerden). Once Norton leaves, Jack confronts Carole, who is only in Los Angeles to collect on a successful suit against Oceanic Airlines and has nothing to do with the maternity test. At the prison, Ben meets with Norton, who is also acting as Hurley's lawyer and is confident that he can have Hurley released the following morning. Ben and Sayid meet up with Jack and Kate, where Kate figures out that Ben has hired Norton to do the maternity test, while Sun, armed with a gun, watches the conversation from a car with Aaron.

On the island, following the latest time jump at the end of the previous episode "Jughead", Charlotte is still unconscious. She eventually wakes up and the group of her, Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies), Miles Straume (Ken Leung), John Locke (Terry O'Quinn), James "Sawyer" Ford (Josh Holloway) and Juliet Burke (Elizabeth Mitchell) leave to travel to the Dharma Initiative Orchid Station, where Locke believes he can find a way to leave the island. During the course of the episode several others begin to show similar symptoms to Charlotte's. The time jump has brought the group to November 1, 2004, the day of Aaron's birth, an event that Sawyer witnesses, and the death of Boone Carlyle (Ian Somerhalder). Another time jump brings them to the future. At their beach camp, they find a canoe which they use to paddle to the other side of the island. They are attacked by unknown assailants and another time jump brings them to 1988, in the middle of the storm that caused a pregnant Danielle Rousseau (older: Mira Furlan; younger: Melissa Farman) and her research team's boat to run aground on the island. In their emergency raft, the science team, led by Montand (Marc Menard), find Jin-Soo Kwon (Daniel Dae Kim) unconscious floating on flotsam from the freighter that exploded in "There's No Place Like Home". They land on the island and question Jin after he wakes up.


"The Little Prince" is the first episode of Lost to be co-written by Melinda Hsu Taylor, who joined the writing staff prior to the start of production on season five.[3]

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