Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Better Call Saul

I'm a little late with this.  I'm a little late with any sort of post, actually.  I started this blog hoping to post more or less everyday and then I took a week off.  Turns out that after my second post my air conditioner went out.  It took a week to get it repaired, meanwhile I was crashing at my folks house and with all the chaos I wasn't able to do any writing.

I also wasn't able to watch the final episode of this seasons Better Call Saul.  Until last night that is. 

When it was announced they were doing a prequel to Breaking Bad and it was going to feature Saul Goodman I was automatically excited.  He's such a great character and Bob Odenkirk does such a brilliant job with it I knew it would be something interesting.  Of course with Vince Gilligan on board I  knew it would be great.

And it is.  Although it is not at all what I expected.  I imagined it being about Saul Goodman just a few years before he meets Walter White having hijinks as the lawyer to various criminals.  I pitched it to myself as being like the X-Files without aliens.  By which I meant I wanted it to have longer, seasonal arcs -  maybe a big criminal foe he'd have to deal with - combined with stand-alone episodes where Saul would get into ridiculous situations and have to talk himself out of them.

That's not at all where they went with it.  Instead we got the Slippin' Jimmy the low rent con man who tries to go legit and gets knocked down every chance there is.  I don't want to spoil anything but that last episode tore me up.  It says something about the show runners that I was taken completely of guard and was really rather sad that Jimmy didn't win big, even though I absolutely know he couldn't because I know how his story ends - at a Cinnabon in Ohio.

That's the power of this story.  We've seen Breaking Bad. We know Jimmy becomes Saul and yet watching it, I can't help but wish for a different outcome.

I can't wait for season 2.

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