Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I finished watching Buffy last night.  I began watching it sometime in 2007 so if you do the math it took me longer to watch it than it did to make and originally air it.  I tended to marathon for a season or two then move onto something else for long stretches only to come back to another marathon sometime later.

It was a frustrating show to me in many ways.  Initially I struggled with the low budgets and cheesy effects perpetuated by the monster of the week stylings of the first season.  It got better in the second and the third and fourth seasons were really compelling.  I think "Hush" is one of the greatest episodes in the history of episodic TV.  It was a bit more hit and miss after the fourth season, but I still rather enjoyed it. 

My wife is very particular about what she wants to watch.  This has become more true since our daughter entered the picture.  Sex and certain types of violence (especially sexual violence or violence against children) have become verboten in our house (at least while the wife is awake.)  This has made finding a show that we can watch together increasingly difficult.  Prestige TV tends to be dark, brooding and full of the sort of stuff the wife can no longer stomach. 

But Buffy was something we could agree on and its been a joy to periodically push our way through the series.  As much as I wouldn't consider the greatest of TV and any time I discuss my own fandom of it I have to bring out a lot of caveats, I really did enjoy its run.  It makes me very happy to have had it as a show my whole family could enjoy together. 

I think I'll start it all over again and bring in Angel this time.

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