Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cheers is on Netflix

Cheers was my show growing up.  I watched it religiously every Thursday night.  I watched in on reruns every week day night.  It was the first show I obsessively taped each week (this was before you could buy entire series on DVD, they never really did seasonal collections on VHS.)  It was the first show I started to analyze.  I thought I was a genius for understanding that the characters never really changed, that they had stock personalities and the humor came from putting them into various situations to see how they'd react. It was...wait for it...situational comedy.

Yeah, that's not really revelatory, but to a kid it was kind of awesome to figure out.

Thing is it was funny.  Really funny.  And it remained so throughout its eleven season run.  I loved that show with every fiber of my funny bone.

But then the show ended and I stopped watching a lot of regular TV and I essentially forgot about the show.  I picked it up again when my daughter was born four years ago, but that was mostly binge watching in the middle of the night while she cried, screamed and fed.

Earlier this week I decided to start it over again just for kicks and I'm in love once again.  It is definitely of its time.  It feels like an 80s sit com with that sort of production value with its multi-camera set up and its stable one set staging.  But man the jokes still hold up.  And boy are there a lot of them.   Cheers was a joke machine.  One after another coming from all sides and from lots of different people.  They don't all land, but more than most of them do and often they still make me laugh righteously. 

In the years since Cheers left the air I've grown more sophisticated in my TV relationship.  I guess we all have.  I pretty much never watch standard TV shows and certainly not broadcast sit-coms.  But its awesome to be able to plug in Netflix and watch an old show that I once loved and see how well its still holds up.

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