Monday, April 27, 2015

Oldboy, The Manga Series

I'm a huge fan of Park Chan-Wook's vengeance trilogy especially Oldboy.  I love how it turns the classic vengeance tale on its head.  Its serves up lots of great action and gritty realism and yet it shows just how awful actual vengeance really is.

About a year ago, maybe, I found out that the film was based on a Manga.  I added them all to my Amazon wish list, but they generally sell for about ten bucks a pop and I wasn't ready to blow over a hundred bucks on one story, no matter how good.  So I'd buy one here and another there.  They are super easy and fast to read.  And good.  So good.  The story is basically the same as in the film though different in all the right ways so that I never feel like its a pointless exercise reading the book.

I bought maybe five of them over the course of several months and then stopped.  I get a little mad money from things like Swagbucks and selling old movies on Amazon and I spent that on things like Mangas and DVDs.  Basically all of my fun money comes from this type of thing and not our family budget so its pretty random when I get to do some shopping of this sort.  Somewhere along the line I stopped buying Oldboys and started in on something else. 

Then we moved and the comics were packed up in boxes and I didn't want to buy anymore until we could unpack.  Then we went to McKays in Nashville on the way back from my wife's folks house and I found the rest of the collection on sale and for the cheap.

I've started working my way through them again and they are so much fun to read.  They really are super fast as the books are fairly short and mostly consist of images.  But the art is really well done - fairly stark but put together in such a way that they tell the story using few words in imaginative ways.  I'll probably zip my way through the whole story this week and love every minute.

So that's whats making me happy today.  Cool manga.

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